Our Solutions

We work with our clients to deliver exceptional quality, personalised solutions to meet their precise needs. Our clients may come from a range of backgrounds, including advanced therapy, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, academic and research institutions, and financial/investment firms, and they may be based in the UK, mainland Europe or in the USA. Clients may be working on cell and gene therapies for cancer immunotherapy or other medical indications. They may also be engaged with other types of regenerative technologies, including those based on small molecule, biologic, medical device or nanotechnology platforms.

Asklepian Consulting specialises in providing solutions in, but not limited to, the following key business areas:

  • Technology scouting to identify potential investment targets
  • Quantitative and qualitative valuation of advanced therapy assets as well as due diligence on them in order to support investment decisions. This potentially includes an in-depth analysis of the technology and its therapeutic applications, commercial potential, competitive landscape, and major risks to regulatory approval and commercial success
  • Commercialisation strategy, including advisory services on business plans, strategic market positioning and
    business models
  • Reimbursement and clinical adoption, including intelligence on how to navigate the complex pathway to market access in the UK
  • Thought leadership on areas of high interest to clients, including the strategic analysis of macro or micro industry trends and the development of analytical tools to overcome barriers to successful product commercialisation